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Bed_BugBed bugs have made a dramatic comeback into our homes, schools, hospitals, public transportation, and movie theaters. You can find bed bugs anywhere people are coming and going.

How do you know if you have bed bugs?
There are tail-tail signs that bed bugs leave to let you know that you have been invaded by an unwanted visitor. Some of these signs are: unexplained bites on family members, rusty spots on mattresses, small blood spots on sheets and of course a bug sighting. You can also use VeriFi Bed Bug Detector a revolutionary device that attracts and traps bed bugs. They travel with the greatest of ease on clothing, purses, book bags, luggage and shoes.

Bed_Bug_ExrementWhy are there so many bed bugs?
Due to changes in pesticide restrictions and the easy way they travel bed bugs have spread to epidemic proportions. They are found any where people are; theaters, waiting rooms, schools, nursing homes, public transportation and motels.

When do bed bugs come out?
Bed Bugs like to feed at night when you are fast asleep so you may not see them during the day unless you have a rather large infestation. Take a flashlight to bed with you and check out your bed in the night or use our Catchmaster Monoriting System to see what’s going on with the lights out. Baby bed bugs are very small and you may want to try our Lighted Bed Bug Magnifier to help with the search.

bedbugbitesWhere do bed bugs hide?
Although they prefer to be close to a meal which is you and your family, they will feed and then retreat into other areas of your home. This is why it is very important to treat entire rooms to battle bed bugs. Bed bugs like to hide in the smallest of cracks, behind baseboards, wood trim, and behind pictures. Not only beds can be infested but your favorite couch, love seat or easy chair. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO THROW AWAY YOUR FURNITURE! Our Bag a Bug product uses Nuvan Prostrips to treat upholstered furniture for bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs.

Could I pick them up when I travel?
Since bed bugs are the ultimate hitch hiker it is your responsibility to limit your exposure and the possibility of bringing them into your home. Read our travel tips for more information.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?
Detail and repetition are necessary to any plan of attack. Only 6% will rid their home of bed bugs with one application of any product. By detail we mean: taking your bed apart and treating every crack and crevice in the furniture, moving furniture, removing clutter, taking clothing and drawers out of dressers, as well as treating areas like shoe closets, coat closets and baseboards.

What if you have a bed bug problem?
Cleaning up clutter is a must while battling bed bugs since they like to hide. Washing clothing in hot water and using a hot dryer will kill bed bugs and their eggs but putting them back into the closet or dresser is not a good idea. Putting clean clothes right out of the dryer into a sealed plastic bag will keep clothing bug free and makes treatment easier. If you throw away items, bag them or wrap furniture so that bugs and eggs are not falling into other rooms. Vacuum all rooms; use the crevice tool to get around baseboards, and vacuum furniture thoroughly. Be sure to throw away vacuum bags into a sealed trash can liner. Use the “Bed Bug Killer” Steri-fab or Bedlam to spray mattresses, box springs, baseboards, floors, and furniture. For crack and crevice treatments use Phantom or Invader with Propoxur, or Temprid SC. Tempric SC is a great choice for large houses or multiple dwellings because on 400 ml bottle makes 50 gallons of insecticide! Cynoff, Delta Dust Insceticide or Alpine Dust will keep Bed bugs from moving from room to room when they walk thru the powder where applied. Take off plug, cable, and phone covers and spread Cynoff, Delta Dust or Alpine Dust in the walls and around any pipes. Spray Bedlam to reduce egg hatch and bed bugs for two weeks in all areas of the room and on bedding. Steam can kill bed bugs and eggs but must be used in a slow, deliberate manner. For a green way to control bed bugs use one of our Bed Bug Steamers. Cover mattresses and box springs with a zippered vinyl cover or Sofcover mattress covers to protect them from infestation. Bed Bug Detector tape or Interceptor traps under bed legs can help you monitor how you are doing in the fight against bed bugs. The electronic devices in your home can also be infested and to rid bed bugs from your television or other devices use Nuvan Prostrips to kill bed bugs hiding inside without damaging them. Keep bed bugs from reproducing with insect growth regulator. Gentrol IGR will keep adult bed bugs from reproducing and break the cycle of eggs hatching. 64% of nymphs died, 94% less nymphs were produced and 95% less eggs were produced when exposed to Gentrol!