Nuvan Prostrip Kit Instructions

Nuvan_Prostrips_1 Remove any arm coverings and treat them with a bed bug spray, such as, Bed-lam, SteriFab, Temprid Sc or D Force HXP and set aside in air tight container.
Nuvan_Prostrip_2 Remove covering on the bot-tom of the chair. Opening the bottom of the chair will en-able the Nuvan Prostrip va-pors to circulate throughout the entire piece. The cover-ing can be replaced after treatment and secured with staples or tacks. Vacuum the entire chair, using the crevice tool to get around any cord-ing, buttons, pleats or wrin-kles. Also vacuum under cushions and in crevices where back, seat, and arms meet. Throw away vacuum bag.

For heavy infestations pre-treat with Bedlam, D Force HXP Temprid SCor SteriFab as an added step of treatment.
Nuvan_Prostrips_3 Open the bag, and place on floor with opening spread out so that the chair can be set inside.
Nuvan_Pro_4 Place the chair in the middle of the open bag and carefully pull it up around the chair, being careful not to tear the bag with chair legs. IF THE BAG HAS ANY HOLES, TEARS, OR RIPS REPAIR WITH THE TAPE PROVIDED IN THE KIT. No fresh air should be entering the bag during treatment as bed bugs could escape from any holes. Double check for any openings.
Nuvan_5 Remove cushion and place it vertically on the chair seat so that Nuvan Prostrip vapors can circulate where the cushion usually sits.
Nuvan_6 Pull the bag up over the chair and stretch opening so that the sides meet. Start on one side, using the tape provided in kit, begin to seal together. Make sure that there are no openings. Stop in the middle so that you can place the holder, containing the Nuvan Prostrip, with tape.
Nuvan_7 Wearing the gloves pro-vided, remove the Nuvan Prostrip from the foil pouch and place it in the plastic holder. Snap the holder shut so that strip is secure in the holder.
Nuvan_8 Using the tape provided, tape the holder on to the plastic bag, in the middle of the opening. Make sure that the Nuvan ProStrip is not touching fabric and has air space around it for maximum circulation.
Nuvan_9 Now tape the other side of the opening to com-pletely seal the chair and Nuvan Prostrip in-side. Make sure that you have sealed the entire top of the bag.

DO NOT SQUEEZE OUT AIR! Nuvan Prostrips vapors need air space to circulate. Double check top seal and bags for leaks. Re-pair any leaks with tape.
Nuvan_10 DO NOT SIT ON OR DISTURB CHAIR DURING TREATMENT! KEEP PETS OFF OF ITEM BEING TREATED! Label the chair with the label pro-vided and write the date that the chair was placed into the bag.

After a minimum of 14 DAYS open bag and allow chair to air out 2 to 3 hours in a well ventilated area before using. Discard bag and Nuvan Prostrip in an outdoor container.

Continue to treat all other areas of the home while the chair is being treated. Treat cracks, crevices, baseboards, wood trim, mattress, box springs, bed frames and carpet with Bedlam, Tem-prid SC, Steri-Fab, D-Force HXP or Fireback and dust walls with Cynoff, Delta Dust or Al-