Travel Tips

We all travel more today than ever but now we face a possible bed bug infestation every time we leave our homes! Since bed bugs are the ultimate hitch hiker it is your responsibility to limit your exposure and the possibility of bringing them into your home. Travel is sometimes necessary to conduct business or to visit our families so you need the tools to protect yourself from a potential Bed Bug home invasion. Here are some ways to bring you home without an annoying friend tagging along that no one invited!

  • Check on the internet, do a search that includes the name of the hotel, location and the words “bed bugs” to see if anyone has reported an infestation. Depending on the results you may want to change your accommodations.
  • Spray your luggage with Bedlam or Bed Bug Travel Spray before packing. Both of these products have a residual ingredient to help prevent bed bugs from hitch hiking on your luggage. Take along plastic bags to store clothing and shoes in while in the room to protect them from Bed Bugs.
  • After arriving at your destination, ask the hotel clerk if they have any knowledge of a bed bug infestation in building. Of course it depends on the answer on how you would like to proceed. You may want to change lodging or inspect the room for yourself.
  • Go to your room and leave the luggage outside the room until an inspection has been made. Lift the mattress and box springs looking for dark spots, bug shells, or live bugs. Don’t forget to inspect the dressers and any upholstered furniture, especially hide-a-beds. Look behind art work in the room also.
  • If you see any signs of an infestation, which are, black dots on bedding, cast off shells, white cluster of eggs or live bugs, contact the hotel management to either get a new room or change lodging.
  • Take Steri-Fab, Bedlam, Transport GHP, Temprid SC or  Temprid Ready Spray  into the room and spray the mattress, box springs, furniture, and head boards to add extra protection just in case you missed seeing the bed bugs. Steri-fab is an excellent product to use in hotel rooms because not only does it kills bed bugs but also kills dust mites and is a disinfectant. Bedlam, Transport GHP, Temprid SC, and Temprid Ready Spray will kill bed bugs and their eggs and keep protecting with a residual effect.
  • Do not put your clothing into dressers, leave them in the suit case on the stand or hang them. Do not put your suit case on the bed or dresser for storage.
  • When it’s time to go home again, spray the suit case inside and outside with Bedlam, Steri-Fab, Transport GHP, Temprid SC, or Temprid Ready Spray. When you arrive home leave the luggage, with the contents outside, in the garage or an area where bed bugs can not travel like a plastic bin.
  • Do your travel laundry from the suit case; washing everything that went with you even the clothing was not worn. Hot water and a hot dryer will take care of anything that came home with you on the clothing. Don’t forget to inspect and spray shoes, coats, purses, carry on and book bags.

Sounds like a lot of work but is a top priority in today’s living environment to protect your home from a Bed Bug invasion.

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