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Xtreme Rapid Transit Washing Compound 55 gallon drum

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Xtreme Rapid Transit Wash is a mega concentrate, custom designed for the mass transit industry such as Buses, Trains, Trams and Trucks. It is formulated to remove road film, grease, road salts and other hard to remove soils from all types of vehicle surfaces. With a mixture of specially blended surfactants and sequestering builders, Xtreme Rapid Transit exhibits excellent cleaning characteristics at extremely low dilutions ranging from 1/4 oz. per gallon to 1 oz. per gallon. Cleans without hot water! It also aids in brush lubricity. This is an important factor when used in automatic brush washing systems on sensitive decals, stickers and lettering that can be removed due to high brush friction during the cleaning process. Versatile & Surface Safe: Any surface not harmed by water may be cleaned with Xtreme Rapid Transit! Use at a light dilution to clean floors, seats, and railings found inside most public transportation vehicles. Use at a heavy dilution to degrease engine blocks.  Available in a 55 gallon drum.

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