Maxim Five Star Dressing


Maxim Five Star Dressing 12-1 quart case

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Maxim Five Star Dressing is an all-purpose, solvent based, high solids silicone dressing that provides outstanding protection and water repelling on all vinyl tops, rubber tires, bumpers, mats, and trim. This high quality silicone formula is non-streaking and will not leave a haze. Five Star Dressing is ready to use; just spray, let sit, and wipe dry with a sponge or cloth. Renews the luster and shine to rubber, vinyl, and other synthetic surfaces. 12-1 quart case.


  • Color: Blue
  • Fragrance: Watermelon
  • pH: N/A
  • Dilution: RTU
  • Density: 6.67

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Weight 40 lbs