NyGuard Plus Flea and Tick Spray


17-oz. can

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NyGuard Plus Flea and Tick Premise Spray. This is a residual aerosol that combines an adulticide, insect growth regulator, and patented odor neutralizer. As a result, you get advanced, convenient, and ready-to-use control of listed pests. The adulticide Sumithrin – a synthetic pyrethroid that attacks insects’ central nervous system — provides quick knockdown of target pests by contact, while the insect growth regulator Nylar inhibits development of immature stages of fleas and ticks. Plus, NyGuard continues to prevent re-infestation for up to 7 months after application. Contact us for case pricing.

Remember that proper cleaning before and during flea treatments will greatly impact the results achieved while using NyGuard Plus.  It is imperative to vacuum thoroughly before application, and every day or every other day after application for at least the first 14 days of treatment.

  • Prevents flea infestation for 7 months
  • Eliminates pet odors including including urine
  • No-drip application
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Treats 2000+ square feet



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