FenvaStar EcoCap Concentrated Insecticide


8 oz. bottle

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FenvaStar™ EcoCap™ is a superior, long-residual pyrethroid spray for fleas and many other structural and turf pests. It contains the time-tested active ingredient esfenvalerate in a contemporary formulation for rapid knockdown of targeted pests. EcoCap™ technology utilizes vegetable oil instead of petroleum products to provide long lasting residual with less harm to the environment. Never before has a pyrethroid spray been so effective while still going green.

  • Labeled for use indoors, including food areas and broadcast carpet
  • Labeled for use outdoors, including structural, turf and ornamental as well as livestock and poultry housing sites
  • Label allows for full broadcast use on structures
  • Full 90 day residual
  • No petroleum distillates – no VOCs
  • Avoids California Prop 65 regulation

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