eXtremeAir® EXT High Speed Hand Dryers


eXtremeAir® EXT High Speed Hand Dryers 



eXtremeAir® EXT High Speed Hand Dryers

One of the most energy-efficient, eco friendly hand dryer’s ever!

The eXtremeAir eXt high-speed hand dryer with ECO no heat technology is the most efficient, environmentally-friendly ever! The ECO uses a high-velocity air stream to dry hands in an average of 12-15 seconds while using only 500 – 300 watts of adjustable power and standby power of less then 1 watt! Because of the low power consumption, it allows you to install up to 3 eXtremeAir eXt dryers on one dedicated breaker.


Available in: White ABS, Steel White Epoxy, Steel Black Graphite, Steel Satin Chrome and Stainless Steel.