Bathroom Hand Soap & Sanitizer, Hand Towels Bath Tissue & Dispensers Hand Dryers

Multi-Fold & C-Fold Hand Towels & Multi-Fold & C-Fold Towel Dispensers
Multi-fold, C-fold, Single fold, Center pull and Roll towels in white or natural to fit any restroom paper dispenser. Dispensers that work in any bathroom and with any paper.

Hand Dryers
Electric Hand dryers that kill germs with CPC (Cold Plasma Clean) technology and dry hands in 10 sec. Saves paper and energy! Great for high volume restroom facilities, standard high speed hand dryers, no heat high speed hand dryers, standard speed hand & hair dryers and economy hand dryers.

Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizers
Clorox Foaming Hand Sanitizer and dispenser for any facility restroom. Hand soap dispensers that mount on the wall or in the counter to dispense anti-bacterial or lotion hand soap.

Hand Soap-H.D. Industrial Waterless
Waterless hand cleaners with and without grit in liquid and paste, powder hand soap and bar soap.

Touchless Hand Washing & Touchless Restroom Fixtures
Hands free dispensers for hand soap, paper towels, so that germs are not transmitted from fixtures to hands.

Standard Bathroom Tissue & Standard Bathroom Tissue Dispensers
Jumbo, 2-ply and small roll toilet tissue and the dispensers in plastic and stainless steel for home and facility restrooms.

Toilet Seat Covers & Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers
Biodegradable, Paper toilet seat covers and dispensers.

Facial Tissues
Box facial tissues for school, office or around the house.