White Rubber Base Swimming Pool Paint 2-1 gal.

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White Rubber Base Swimming Pool Paint 2-1 gal. is a solvent borne coating designed to protect and beautify concrete, marcite, gunite and other masonry surfaces. Outstanding performance against mild acids, alkalis, and other pool chemicals in fresh or salt water. Dried film resists weather, UV degradation, algae and mildew. Low VOC formulation (compliant for most areas. Ideal for use on residential and commercial swimming pools, non-potable fountains and other masonry surfaces. May be applied to bare masonry or over previous rubber base pool paints. Not for use on metal, fiberglass or vinyl lined pools. Do not use over epoxy, urethane or other impervious coatings.                         Drying Times: Tack Free: 1 hour. To Re-coat: 18 hours. Hard: 5 to 7 days.