Tucker 36″ DI Compact System


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The Tucker 36″ DI Compact System is the easiest to use pure water system available! Engineered with ease of use in mind. Hook up your standard garden hose to the inlet and Pure Water comes out.

This system is ideal for customers who:

  • Have low TDS Water
  • Whose demand for pure water is low
  • Wish to clean only the occasional hard to reach area
  • Want pure water for their window cleaning bucket
  • Want to try pure water technology for an economical price before investing in a RO/DI System

The serviceable filter housing has anodized aluminum feet and brass inlet and outlet fittings. It also features lightweight aluminum feet to keep it off the ground and protect your investment.

The Tucker DI Compact Pure Water System is the lightest system available. No more moving heavy carts around to produce Pure Water!

Dimensions: 36 inches long

Weight: 15 lbs