Taskforce 20 Trot Mop Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Taskforce 20 Trot Mop Wet/Dry Vacuum with stainless steel tank, is the toughest, most versatile, and cost-effective tank vacuum on the market. These vacuums are mounted on four sturdy transport wheels for easy movement and stability. With a 1.61 HP vac motor, the units generate 114 cfm and 90” of waterlift. The Taskforce 20 gallon effectively handles general dry debris pick up in commercial environments, as well as liquids such as water, scrubbing solutions, and stripping solutions. These vacuums are perfect not only for general maintenance and cleaning, but also to manage soil and moisture in high-traffic areas, or can be paired with floor machines and other mopping and scrubbing operations as well. Includes a complete set of tools. Convenient tip and pour feature so you can dispose of waste water easily.