Syngenta Advion Ant Arena


Formerly DuPont

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The activity of this insecticide allows adequate consumption of the bait by ants prior to onset of mortality. The is provides enough time for foraging ants to return to nest sites and contaminate other colony members including larvae and queens. Active Ingredient Indoxacarb .1% packed 10-.07oz arenas. Indoor use: Place 1-4 bait arenas where ants are observed; along walls, under appliances, inside garbage containers, inside cabinets, under furniture or any location where activity is seen. Outdoors: Pay close attention where ants are actively foraging such as near tree bases, along exterior walls, around garbage collection areas, utility accesses, windows, vents or along the ground next to structures. Place 1-4 bait arenas where ants are observed. For heavier infestations indoor or outdoors, more bait arenas may be required. Can be placed on vertical surfaces by using adhesive on the bottom of the station.

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