Sterifab is one of the easiest and most effective ways to eradicate mold. It sounds partisan, we know, but there are a number of reasons that Sterifab should be your first choice. To begin with, it’s precisely engineered to:

  • Destroy micro-organisms

  • Kill fungus

  • Kill viruses

  • Kill mold and mildew

  • Kill germs and disinfects

  • Eradicate pathogenic odors

Most important for present purposes, Sterifab not only reduces the level of micro-organisms from a wide range of locations, but also works as a bacteriostatic ̶ inhibiting bacterial growth, and as a highly effective fungistatic, preventing otherwise hard-to-control fungal growth. Available sizes: pint and gallon bottles and 5 gallon pails.

A Word About Treating Mold with Bleach

Whether you’re cleaning an office or your home, don’t make the mistake of tackling a mold problem with bleach. Yes, it’s relatively cheap, but using a product such as, say Clorox, has very strong odors. But more important, while bleach is can remove mold stains, it won’t necessarily eradicate the spores themselves.