ONE Envirogreen Cleaner


Scientifically Advanced Hygiene



ONE Envirogreen Cleaner with aroma essence cleans, deodorizes and removes soil and body fluids by total encapsulation, leaving any and all surfaces clean, fresh healthy and safe for all and is Non-Allergenic. Removes foul odors. Perfect for floors, restrooms, locker and showers. ONE Envirogreen Cleaner removes all film residue and allergens left by chemical cleaners that are classified by the United States E.P.A. as toxic, polluting & poison.  

ONE Envirogreen Cleaner cleans with a positive charge that will not allow any two particles of dirt, germs or viruses to ever join together and as a result, it all falls to the floor allowing for easy flushing to drain or wiping clean. Available sizes: 1 gallon and 6-1 gallon case.