NyGuard IGR Concentrate


16-oz. bottle

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NyGuard IGR Concentrate (Insect Growth Regulator). This product gets to the root cause of chronic insect infestations – the eggs, larvae or nymphs. As a result, it prevents them from maturing into reproductive adults thereby controlling future infestations. NyGuard IGR will cause morphological anomalies or changes. This disrupts the expected insects’ state of development, leading to sterility or death. When adults are present, NyGuard is commonly used in combination with a non-IGR insecticide. This method results in rapid eradication of adults and deposits a base level of NyGuard IGR. Since this product has a long residual, it remains in place for up to seven (7) months to actively disrupt the development of any immature stages that have yet to appear, or which were not susceptible to the insecticide product used to control adult insects.

Mix with Transport Mikron for best results.

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