Manual Push Sweeper 32″


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Manual Push Sweeper 32″. Easy to push and maneuver, our 32″ Manual Sweeper is an efficient option for removing dirt and debris from large areas and is ideal for maintaining parking lots, garages, patios, warehouses or any other hard floor area. The 4 brush system utilizes two side brooms to sweep dirt and debris toward the two main brooms that lift the debris into the 1.6 cubic foot hopper. The hopper’s convenient carrying handle allows for effortless emptying in any trash or waste bin. In addition, the 32″ cleaning path sweeps over 17,000 square feet per hour for higher productivity. Further, the adjustable side brooms and main brooms allow for operation in various conditions. The rugged all-plastic housing resists corrosion and is easily cleaned. And the handle folds for convenient upright storage.