Drione Insecticide Dust


For Crack & Crevice, Spot and Void Treatment



Drione Dust is a powerful silica-based desiccant dust with synergized natural pyrethrum. This product can be used to control pests in commercial and industrial areas, including within food areas as a crack-and-crevice treatment. It also is effective in controlling bedbugs when applied to the inner frame of upholstered furniture.

Provides quick control

  • Good flushing action for identifying problem areas or infestations
  • Kills up to 6 months when left undisturbed
  • Non-staining and relatively odorless
  • Excellent penetration into voids
  • For use in residences, institutions, food plants and granaries
  • Controls numerous stored-product pests

Pests controlled

Ants, bedbugs, bees, box elder bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, confused flour beetles, crickets, dark mealworms, drugstore beetles, drywood termites, earwigs, firebrats, fleas, grain mites, granary weevils, lice, millipedes pillbugs, red flour beetles, rice weevils, sawtoothed grain beetles, scorpions, silverfish, sowbugs, spiders, ticks, wasps, yellow mealworms.