960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap


Prescription Treatment


Available on backorder


Available on backorder


960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap is scientifically designed to trap Drosophila (fruit fly). By counting and mapping an infestation level, you can pinpoint specific sources of infestation. Drosophila require very little debris for successful breeding sites. They will gravitate toward decaying food odors so it is important to cleanup and discard all food materials to minimize fruit fly activity. Common use areas are behind or under bars, beverage centers, dishwashers, food displays, food service islands, sinks, oven, supply, racks, vending machines and food prep tables. Place traps in areas where fruit flies have been seen and where they will not be disturbed. Remove cap to count the number of adults in the trap. Available by the each and 12 traps/case.

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