3C In & Out Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo


Cleans by encapsulation with a positive charge!



In & Out is an encapsulation type carpet shampoo. Leaves no residue and therefore inhibits resoiling. No rinsing required. Deep down penetrating soil encapsulation. Cleans with a positive charge, no rinsing required. Non-toxic, non-pollutant, biodegradable. Part of the EnviroGreen Carpet Cleaning line of products. For industrial, residential, and institutional use. Fresh Clean Scent, Cleans and deodorizes. For Heavy Duty soil: mix 4 oz per gallon hot water; for medium duty soil: mix 2 oz per gallon of hot water; for Light duty soil: mix 1 oz per gallon of hot water. For use in rotary floor machines with tank, Triple Play Shampoo Machines and Dri-Foam Machines.. Available as a single gallon or save by the case of 6-1 gallons..