18″ Multiwash Multi Surface Scrubber


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18″ Multiwash Multi Surface Scrubber is the most versatile cleaning machine you’ll ever own! In other words, the Multiwash is designed to clean multiple floor types, including sports floors, carpet, grouted tile and more.  For example, the same machine can scrub uneven tile in one job then support encapsulation carpet cleaning on another job. In addition, the counter-rotating brushes work excellent on rubber matting making it popular in gyms and boxes across the country! As a result, counter-rotating cylindrical brushes provide deep scrubbing at 650 RPMs – over three times higher than rotary brush scrubbers and 4-6 times more contact pressure for superior cleaning. With 4 brushes to choose from, nearly every carpet and hard floor care job can be completed. Standard features include eco-friendly low moisture cleaning that uses 30% less chemical and water.  Whisper quiet 69 dBA level  – meets LEED requirements.