Cleaning Tools

Brooms, Brushes & Dust Pans
Warehouse and corn brooms, scrub brushes and dust pans to keep your facility clean.

Microfiber Mops, Dusters & Cloths
Micro fibers grab reach out and grab the dirt for a more effiecient way to clean.

Mops, Mop Handles & Mop Buckets
Cotton and rayon mops for wet mopping and finish mops for applying floor finishes. Side press mop buckets and an assortment of handles for all your mopping needs.

Dusting Accessories
Dust mops and frames of all sizes to clean all types of areas. Extended poly wool dusters to dust all those hard to get places.

Floor Squeegees
Get your floor dry with a rubber squeege to avoid slippery surfaces. Curved or straight blades to use on sealed or unsealed concrete, tile or vinyl tile floors.

Floor Machine Pads, Sanding Screens & Steel Wool Pads
Floor scrubbers for polishing, stripping, and burnishing in sizes 17 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inch. Carpet bonnets effectively pull dirt out of carpets.

Carpet Bonnets