How To Kill Cockroaches

How do you kill cockroaches?

getridGetting Rid of Cockroaches
Getting rid of cockroaches in residential and commercial environments requires an understanding of their life cycle. Eliminating cockroaches can be a frustrating process. Using the right products for your home or business stops roaches now.

The Cockroach Life Cycle
According to the Colorado State University Extension (August 2012), cockroaches carry numerous diseases. Visible cockroaches represent only a small fraction of the total roach population.

There are over 50 species of cockroaches found in the US. Cockroaches eat and move at night. A single cockroach seen in the daylight implies the existence of many:

–A female cockroach carries an egg case (about the size of a bean) with at least 10 to 20 cockroach eggs. Cockroaches in all stages of the life cycle–nymphs emerging from the egg, young, and adult insects–swarm in the environment.

getrid2Detecting Where Cockroaches Hide
To kill cockroaches, learn where they hide, drink and eat:

–Because cockroaches hide in tiny crevices or cracks, identifying and blocking “protected” spaces is the first step towards eradicating the infestation.

–Like most living creatures, roaches need water. They often breed close to a water source. Identifying and closing tiny leaks or pooled condensation is necessary.

–Cockroaches prefer starchy foods, but they will eat almost anything (including other roaches and insects). They can live for long periods without food. Meticulous sanitation important in the long-term eradication of roaches.

Killing Cockroaches
Knowing what products to use to combat a serious cockroach problem is the key to eliminating them. Selecting the right solutions for the environment is a cost-effective approach to exterminating cockroaches.

For those living in an apartment or conjoined space, kill visible cockroaches and eliminate hidden cockroach nests. Choose a chemical like Dupont Advion Cockroach Gel Bait. Knowing where the cockroaches move, eat, and drink is key to achieving best results: place the gel in the insects’ high traffic areas.

Dupont Advion Cockroach Bait Arena provides an effective solution for larger environments or to manage indoor-outdoor roach traffic with 60 bait stations.

To create a secure barrier between the environment’s foundation and outdoors, you may choose a product like Temprid SC Insecticide.

Hard-to-Kill Cockroaches
Some cockroaches have demonstrated a resistance to certain insecticides. Consumer-grade preparations available at the grocery or mass retail store may not work with these roaches. Choose a product like Vendetta Cockroach Gel Bait to attract and eradicate the hardest to kill varieties.

Controlling Cockroaches in the Kitchen
Even the best restaurants can suffer from cockroach infestation. Because of the constant supply of food (especially foods prepared with oil or grease), roaches love restaurants. Invader Insecticide’s formula is long-lasting and stands up to heat.

Other restaurants and food-handling environments benefit from Phantom® Insecticide. Roaches cannot smell, sense, or taste it. Roaches don’t avoid Phantom because they don’t know it’s there!

Exterminating Cockroaches on the Move
Roaches live anywhere: in commercial buildings, labs, greenhouses, warehouses, boats, cars, trucks, planes, nursing homes, hotels and hospitals, to name a few. Select a chemical product like Martin’s Viper Insecticide Concentrate to treat a variety of environments. Mix the concentrate to proper dilution, according to directions, prior to application. Alternatively, use Martin’s Viper RTU (ready-to-use) to kill roaches.

Killing Cockroaches with a Gentle Touch
Families with children and pets, or daycare centers, or senior centers may prefer to exterminate cockroaches with a gentle botanical compound, such as MotherEarth® Exempt Contact Insecticide.

Get Rid of Cockroaches Now & for Good
Purchasing effective, professional-grade solutions saves time and money in the long run. Don’t wait: a cockroach problems quickly becomes an infestation.