Escalator Cleaners

Escalator & Moving Sidewalk Cleaning System Model 2000

escalator_cleaner_thmTotal cleaning of your escalators and moving sidewalks will help keep your facility cleaner by removing dirt and dust captured in the stair threads. The movement of both create a dust and dirt problem that will be tracked throughout your facility.

Model 2000 Eliminator will enhance the appearance and cleanliness of your facility. The Eliminator runs silent and cleans deep. Unlike previous cleaning methods, the Eliminator dry scrubs and brushes stair threads clean. Dirt and dust is picked up by two super power jet vacuum motors into a throw-away bag. Eliminate down time and inconvenience due to dirty escalators and moving sidewalks.


Brush Motor:
1/3 HP 120 volt 60Hz. A.C. Single Phase.

Brush Speed:
Wormdrive Gearbox giving a brush speed of 400 RPM.

escalator_cleaner2_thmVacuum Motor:
Twin 2 stage, 1 speed, bypass motors, 8.0 Max.
Amp. 120 volt, 88” Waterlift.

Permanent cloth bag plus disposable paper insert.

Decibel Count:
80 db @3 feet.

Insulation Type:
Class I grounded.

Nylon – used for daily maintenance approximate life 300 hours.
Tynex – used for initial and periodic deep cleaning, approximate life 250 hours.

Cable Length:



101 lbs.

Cleaning Method:
The machine should be positioned on the flat tread at the bottom of the escalator, starting on the left side with the escalator moving away from the machine. Once that path has been cleared, the machine is then moved to the right to complete the next path. Escalators which are 24” wide require two passes, 23” and 40” wide escalators require four passes.

Optional safety sign to block paths of escalators and moving sidewalks. Bright yellow with international stop sign symbol and emergency flashing red strobe light will certainly get attention.