Tucker Dual User Fill N Go Tank Kit


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Tucker Dual User Fill N Go Tank Kit.

This kit is designed for those looking for the ultimate in efficient exterior cleaning set ups.  Especially large commercial properties where you want to utilize 2 poles at one time.

This bundle includes our :

Tucker® Fill N Go Dual User 50 Gallon Tank System

(2) of the incredibly popular Tucker® ECO-Mini Carbon Fiber 27′ Pole w/ ISO-Tech Technology


The Tucker® Fill N Go Water System

Looking for the ultimate pure water system for your water-fed poles?

Want to be able to bring your own spot free water to a job site?

Want to be able to produce spot free water onsite in the event you need more water than 50 gallons?

These 50 gallon tank systems are the perfect solution for any looking to have an all in one system.

Designed utilizing the highest quality components available today.


Each system includes:

50 Gallon Tank

Powder Coated lightweight aluminum frame

(2) Digital Flow Controller (1) for each operator

(2) 200′ of 3/8″ ID pure water hose line (1) for each operator

(2) Premium COX hose reel (1) for each operator

(2) RHG USA Made 12v Pumps (1) for each operator

Sediment / Carbon Pre-filtration

40″ Low Pressure RO Membrane powered by an RHG 12 Volt Boost Pump

Deionization final stage

Small Compact Design

The ECO – MINI features the RHG clamping system.  Lightweight yet incredibly rigid carbon fiber tubes sections that are compact and easily extended and lowered.  40′ of pole tubing complete the assembly.

Coming complete with the Tucker® dual trim nylon brush which the world’s longest selling brush.

This is the ultimate time saving set up for anyone looking to get serious about residential window cleaning.