Microfiber Cut End Pearl Blue White Med Lg

The Pearl Microfiber Cut End Mop Heads


The Pearl Microfiber Cut End Mop Heads, 1 ¼” Head Bands

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Product Description

The Pearl Microfiber Wet Mop – Cut End Style: This will replace and out perform all traditional cut-end wet mops including cotton, rayon and blended yarns. This mop is made with 100% continuous filament microfiber blended yarns and will hold more than 10 times their weight in water. This Wet Mop is non-linting, bacteria resistant, require no break in period, super efficient to use and competitively priced against traditional cut-end wet mops.  1 ¼” Head Band. Available in white and blue yarns, 16 oz. and 24 oz., by the each and by the case of 12.