Pouring Pot


Pouring Pot

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This all steel pouring pot is not your standard unit. It features a full two gallon receptacle to be used with hot or cold material. A drip proof removable plunger allows for easy internal inspection and cleaning without the use of any additional tools for breaking down. It is equipped with three nozzle sizes; 3/4”, 9/16”, and 11/16”. Lever is a one hand operation. Powder coated safety orange for easy visibility on job sites.

  •  2 gallon steel receptacle;
  •  Receptacle circumference is 7 1/8”;
  •  17 1/4” floor to top of barrel height;
  • 30” floor to handle;
  •  Powder coated safety orange;
  • Drip proof plunger;
  • Equipped with three nozzle sizes; and
  • Unit weight 9.5 lbs.