Mat-A-Dor™ Indoor/Outdoor Scraper Mat




The Mat-A-Dor™ Indoor/Outdoor Scraper Mat is the best molded rubber fingertip mat in the marketplace. These mats are designed with versatility in mind. With 2,700 shoe-cleaning rubber fingertips per square foot to vigorously clean and trap dirt. The 5/8″ beveled boarder reservoir retains 1 gallon of liquid per sq.yd. For exterior areas with heavy traffic e.g.: Universities, Airports, Hospitals, Large Retail Stores, Shopping Malls, Schools and Industrial Plants. This premium product resists all common acids, alkalies and  salt reducing degradation of the mat. A durable scraper mat that will capture the majority of dirt, mud, grit, snow and sand from the soles of shoes keeping the inside of your building clean and attractive. The flexible surface also provides the comfort and qualities of an anti-fatigue mat. Available in 24″x 32″, 32″x 39″, 36″ x 60″ & 36″x 72″. Color: Black.