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Ice Fighter Plus Ice Melt


Ice Fighter Plus®: The only patented ice melt that reduces freeze/thaw damage to concrete.

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Product Description

Ice Fighter Plus® is the only patented snow and ice melter that reduces freeze/thaw damage to concrete. Ice Fighter Plus® was developed and patented by a civil engineer. The investigations and research were conducted at an indepentent civil engineering lab. Ice Fighter Plus® is a two component system consisting of:

1. The ice melter
2. Propolyice patented inhibitor

During the manufacturing process, the Propolyice’s anti-caking agents and chemical additives are mixed with and coated onto the ice melter (sodium chloride crystals) in such a manner as to produce a uniformly coated product. Ice Fighter Plus® reduces freeze/thaw damage to concrete. Melted water combines with Propolyice to form a polymer barrier that reduces the amount of water entering into the pores of the concrete. Entrapped water now has room to expand as freezing occurs.

Melts down to -6ºF.  Available in 50 lb. bag and 49-50 lb. bags/skid.

APPLICATION: Apply this product evenly over the surface at the rate of approximately 8oz. (1 cup) per square yard of area to be treated for each 1/4 inch of ice.                                     APPLY TO WELL-CURED CONCRETE ONLY.