Hard Surface Disinfecting Quat Wipes


6-125 wipe containers/case


Hard Surface Disinfecting Quat Wipes. These are a quaternary ammonium based, EPA approved hard surface disinfecting wipe. Most importantly, they are effective against Covid-19. Cross contamination of hard surfaces happens anywhere people work and play. For instance, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, doctors’ offices, daycare centers, grocery stores, and fitness centers. These are just a few of the locations where viruses, bacteria and disease can be spread from one hard surface to another. Reducing the spread of germs must be part of a daily routine. The solution: wipe it away! With a fresh Lemon Scent.

These wipes are convenient, and ready to use for cleaning and disinfecting hard, non-porous, surfaces. For example,  light switches, exercise equipment, hospital bed rails, grocery cart handles, computers, countertops, desktops, doorknobs, headsets, keyboards, railings, tabletops, telephones, bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, and more.                      EPA reg.# 1839-190

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Weight 16 lbs