F5 Sidedraft Axial Fan


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F5 Sidedraft Axial Fan blower/dryer. The possibilities are endless with our  powerful blower/dryer. Firstly, you can use it to dry carpets, rugs, padding, subfloors, cabinets, dry-wall, paint, closets, baseboards, attics, furniture, draperies, or just about anything you need to dry. Secondly, the F5 Sidedraft increases air-flow, cleaning efficiency, safety, and minimizes down-time in a room or large facility. In addition, it is  perfect as a box fan. The F5 Sidedraft can be used for general cooling and air circulation in any commercial or industrial setting. Moreover, you can daisy chain up to 5 units together with built-in GFCI outlet. And you can stack up to 5 high for efficient storage and transportation.