Essential Coreless SRB Bathroom Tissue


1,000 2-Ply Sheets per Roll, 36 Rolls per Case


Essential Coreless SRB Bathroom Tissue is a high capacity, easy maintenance system which results in less run-outs and lower maintenance costs. Meets EPA guidelines for post consumer waste. Has a minimum 45% post-consumer recycled waste; elemental chlorine-free (ECF) bleaching; packaging reduction with 100% elimination of core waste, and up to 15% more paper per case – meaning fewer cases needed to supply the same paper. New Coreless Tissue: Double the sheets of standard roll tissue.                                                                      Get the pleasing look of a standard size roll with all these features:                                         Save maintenance time with less frequent run-outs
Retrofits easily into traditional dispensers using handy adapters
Roll-loading is simple, no spindle, no extra steps
No cores to throw away
Handling is easy with six small poly wrapped inner packages per case
Deters theft with non-traditional tissue product                                                                                         Pack:
Size: Sheet: 3.9″ x 4″

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs