Microfiber Looped Dust Mop Heads




Microfiber Looped Dust Mop Heads are available in Blue. These hi-tech dust mop heads are constructed with 100% continuous filament lint-less microfiber yarn.  They can cover much greater surface areas than microfiber pads. Therefore, making them more efficient and more effective. The backing style on the microfiber dust mop is designed to be used with traditional clip-on dust mop frame and handle. This Microfiber Dust Mop replaces all synthetic dust mops. Furthermore, it is capable of efficiently picking up dust particles with electrostatic properties. Our Microfiber Dust Mops are bleach resistant, mildew resistant and very launderable without premature wear. Most importantly, no treatment is necessary.  Available sizes:  24″, 36″ & 48″