Dumpster Fresh Dock/Dumpster Treatment


4-32 oz. bottles/case

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Dumpster Fresh Dock/Dumpster Treatment just hook up to a regular garden hose and the product automatically dispenses! Spray it and Forget it! Fast and Easy-No Rinsing or Scrubbing! Utilizes Enzyme producing Bacteria to eliminate and prevent build up of slippery food soils and grease around dock areas and trash cans. Spray 3 times per week. Spray Dock and Dumpster Treatment into the interior and surrounding area dumpsters. 1. Spray first when dumpster is freshly empty 2. Spray treatment again when dumpster is 1/3 full 3. Spray the finial treatment when the dumpster is 2/3 full. 4. Repeat process when dumpster is emptied.

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