Drop-In Vehicle Wash and Shine


Drop-In Vehicle Wash & Shine 50 packet tub


Drop-In Vehicle Wash and Shine is a concentrated vehicle wash formula for the manual washing of all types of vehicles, this product is designed to easily loosen and remove the wide variety of dirt and grime that builds up on vehicles. After rinsing a thin clear film will be left behind helping to bead water and produce a brilliant shine. Simply drop 1 Drop-In into a few inches of water in a bucket allowing two minutes to dissolve, then fill with water. Wash vehicle, rinse with a hose and dry vehicle with a clean cloth or chamois. Ideal for detailing vehicles for sale or showroom display or anywhere where a high quality finish is required. 1 Drop-In Vehicle Wash & Shine per 5 gallons of water. Application: Cars, Trucks,Fire Trucks, Buses, Limos, Boats.                                                                                              Saves space: 1 tub, 50 packets of Drop-In Vehicle Wash & Shine makes 250 gallons of Vehicle Wash & Shine for $0.47 per gallon!                                                                                        Enviro Green Product, Less waste in landfills.                                                                                    50 packet tub.


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