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Drop-In Deodorizer Autumn Fresh Scent


Drop-In Deodorizer Autumn Fresh Scent


Product Description

Drop-In Deodorizer Autumn Fresh Scent is a pre-measured, water-soluble portion packet. Each packet creates 32 ounces of Autumn Fresh Deodorizer. No need to cut, tear or open—simply drop 1 Drop-In into it’s matching white color-coded quart trigger spray bottle (sold separately) and add water, adjust nozzle to mist setting and simply spray, fog or pour directly onto or around odor source. Counteracts malodors without overpowering or damaging the sense of smell, and continues to work long after the pleasant fragrance dissipates. Formulated to control continuous-source odor problems, this product is especially effective for industrial use at garbage and trash sites or waste water treatment plants. Resilient and Hard Surface Floors:  Add one Drop-In to mop bucket of cleaning solution. Mop in usual manner. Carpet Cleaning:  Add one Drop-In to carpet shampoo in rotary-type or water extraction equipment. Where to Use • Hotels & Motels • Hospitals & Nursing Homes • Trash/Waste Sites • Landfills and Dumping Areas • Sewage Treatment Facilities • Dumpsters & Trash Rooms • Schools, Theaters & Restaurants • Locations with severe odors. Saves space: 1 case of Drop-In Autumn Fresh Deodorizer 12-20 packet jars makes 20 cases (240 quarts) of Deodorizer Spray!                                                       Enviro Green Product, Less waste in landfills.                                                                                    Available sizes: 20 packet jar, 12 jars of 20 packets/case, 100 packet tub & 4 tubs of 100 packets each/case.