Drop-In Color Coded Spray Bottle


Drop-In Citrus All Purpose Spray Cleaner Color-Coded Trigger-Spray Bottle

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Drop-In Color-Coded Trigger-Spray Bottle                                                                                    Drop-In 32 oz. Trigger Spray Bottles are the next generation of sustainable cleaning supplies. Instead of throwing away your traditional Ready To Use RTU products after each use, reduce your footprint with our re-usable and 100% recyclable plastic bottles. Color-coded triggers and silk-screened labels make them easy to use, instructions ensure safety and proper usage. This orange color coded bottle is used with Drop-In Citrus All Purpose Spray Cleaner. Just Drop-In a packet of Citrus All Purpose Spray Cleaner (not included) and add water to create an entire quart of all purpose cleaner in seconds! Sold by each.

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