Drop-In All Purpose Floor Cleaner


Drop-In Citrus All-Purpose Floor Cleaner


is a medium strength floor degreaser that is safe and effective on all treated or sealed hard floor surfaces. Drop-In’s pre-measured portion packet  each create up to five gallons of Citrus Drop-In All Surface Floor Cleaner/medium strength degreaser. No need to cut, tear or open—simply add a few inches of cold, warm or hot water into a bucket, drop in 1 packet of Citrus All Purpose Floor Cleaner allowing 1-2 min. to dissolve, then fill with water. Safe and effective on all treated wood, linoleum, tile, synthetic, sealed marble and sealed stone floors. This small tub contains 250 gallons of all purpose floor cleaner at a fraction of the cost of traditional floor cleaners. For tougher degreasing jobs simply add less water. Drop-In Citrus All Purpose Floor Cleaner can also be used in Auto-Scrubbers.                                          Saves space: 1 tub, 50 packets of Drop-In Citrus All Purpose Floor Cleaner makes 250 gallons All Purpose Floor Cleaner for $0.54 per gallon!                                                                      Enviro Green Product, Less waste in landfills.                                                                                        50 packet tub.                             


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Weight 6 lbs