Dawn Lemon Fresh Dishwashing Liquid


Dawn Lemon Fresh Dishwashing Liquid



Dawn Lemon Fresh Dishwashing Liquid: Dependable dishwashing liquid fights grease, leaving you squeaky clean pots, pans and dishes. The long-lasting suds even help reduce sink changover. Dawn’s outstanding grease-cleaning formula washes up to two times more dishes than the leading competition. Available sizes: 38 oz. bottle, 8-38 oz./case, 1 gallon, 4-1 gal./case, and 5 gallon pail.

• Lemon Fresh Scent.
• High surfactant formula seeks out greasy soil, cuts through it, surrounds the removed soil, and lifts it out of your way.
• Optimal blend of five different surfactants provides the power to cut and emulsify grease.