CYCLONE Intensive Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaner




Cylcone Intensive Ceramic and Grout Cleaner is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner for removal of ingrained dirt and grease and in all unglazed ceramic and porcelain tiles. Cyclone is also a very effective grout cleaner for all non-polished ceramic, porcelain and stone installations. Protect all non-masonary, polished stone, or lacquered surfaces. Not for polished marble, limestone, terazzo, travertine, or any calcium containing stone. Thourghly wet surface prior to application. Mix Cyclone 1 part to 5 parts cool to warm water. Higher concentration may be needed for more heavily waxed or soiled grout. Apply diluted solution to wet surface and agitate with stiff brush or natural fiber buff pad. Allow to dwell 5-15 minutes. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY. Rinse well. Available as a single gallon or save by the case.