Clorox Touchless Hand Sanitizer Refills


4/1-liter case


Clorox Touchless Hand Sanitizer Refills kills 99.999% of germs in as little as 15 seconds. This is a bleach-free and fragrance-free formula. It exceeds the CDC recommendation of 60% ethyl alcohol by containing 71% and provides broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. Contains premium emollients to keep hands soft instead of leaving them sticky or greasy like gels and foams. A must for public facilities to keep your employees and visitors safe from dangerous germs and bacteria. Premeasured dose and touchless activation promote hand hygiene compliance. Touchless system reduces cross-contamination. 4 / 1-liter case.   

Due to the Coronavirus, all Clorox products are in very limited supply.

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Weight 10 lbs