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Backpack Vacuums in 6 quart and 10 quart sizes with unrivaled harness technology. Firstly, we partnered with Deuter, the world leader in hiking and mountain climbing backpacks, they have finally made backpack vacuuming practical. That is to say the marriage of our innovative vacuum technology with Deuter’s state-of-the-art Aircomfort harness, results in a unit we confidently believe you’ll agree is the most comfortable, breathable backpack vacuum on the market today! Secondly, the patented Aircomfort harness technology allows air to escape from three sides, reducing wearer perspiration by up to 25% over normal closed-back systems. In addition, this positively impacts the operator’s body temperature. Subsequently, results in dramatically increased cleaning productivity to over 7,000 square feet per hour! Backpack vacs are available in 6 quart and 10 quart cord electric models as well as a 6 quart battery powered unit.