26″ Battery Powered Ride-On Scrubber


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26″ Battery Powered Ride-On Scrubber. Crossover to a new category of scrubber with the Crossover automatic ride-on scrubber. Firstly, the comfort and productivity of a ride-on at the price of walk-behind. Secondly, the Crossover delivers an effective clean all while saving you labor and operating costs. Further, the Crossover’s 26″ cleaning path and up to 4 hours of continuous runtime allows for cleaning up to 42,000 sq.ft./hr. Moreover because of the compact design, it allows greater maneuverability, better visibility, and the ability to clean hard-to-clean edges and corners. To sum it up, the Crossover is a ride-on automatic scrubber truly in a category all it own. Shipe complete with on-board charger, two 12V batteries and one set of pad drivers.