2002 Envirogreen Cleaner


Cleans the entire restroom!



2002 Envirogreen Cleaner is a Positive Charged Cleaning Product that cleans by encapsulation. The positive charge come from micelles. Micelles have a positive charge, which it gives to each particle it contacts. This causes the particles to repel one another. This in turn causes Colloidal action in this cleaner.

When  2002 Envirogreen Cleaner, a colloidal cleaner, is introduced into any liquid, it begins a ceaseless, random motion. The micelles disperse instantaneously to every part of any solution in which they find themselves.

There are billions of micelles in each cubic inch of 2002 Envirogreen Cleaner w/Odor Control and they will surround every particle of dirt, grease, soil or any other non-stabilized compounds that they come in contact with. Paints, plastics, wood, metals, all building materials and furnishings are composed of stabilized compounds. Therefore, the micelles will not degrade them. They will attach themselves to them, encapsulating all non-stabilized compounds.

Each micelle has an electric charge, which it gives to each particle it contacts. This causes the particles to repel one another. As the dirt particles are separated from one another, many are also split up into their own compounds. All dirt normally has at least one grease component and colloidal cleaners break down grease quickly. The positive charged particles cannot re-attach themselves to the surface.

2002 Envirogreen Cleaner w/Odor Control is hypoallergenic, non toxic, non pollutant and biodegradable and is 100% environmentally safe. Safely and effectively cleans all surfaces leaving no residue or film.

2002 Envirogreen Cleaner w/Odor Control effectively cleans bathrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms, toilets, urinals, sinks, walls, floors, drains and waste container, leaving a unique fresh fragrance for up to 72 hours. Cleans salt and ice melter products off of floors without leaving a residue to keep floors clean in winter.

2002 Envirogreen Cleaner w/Odor Control is the product of choice for the Health Guard Touchless Cleaning Disinfecting Machine.https://www.majorsupply.com/product/health-guard-touchless-cleaning-disinfecting-machine/

 Available in one gallon containers or in a cost-saving 6 gallon case. Contact us for pricing on 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.