TimeMist Premium Metered Dispensers and Refills

TimeMist Premium Metered Air Fresheners are uniquely blended pure premium fragrances. This coupled with odor counteractant that eliminates odors and leaves the air fresh. And is does it without CFCs or ozone depleting substances.

The dispenser activates the special metered valve at a predetermined interval, releasing into the air perfume that stays suspended in the air longer for maximum odor control. Upon release into the air, TimeMist’s unique odor counteractant immediately merges with and eliminates offensive odors. One dispenser adequately freshens a room up to 30′ x 20′ x 10′. Ideal for use wherever you wish to create a fresh atmosphere.

For more than 40 years, TimeMist has been uplifting customer and employee experiences through trend-forward premium fragrances, superior industrial strength odor control, and innovative dispersion technology. Today, TimeMist is a trusted industry leader that develops, supplies, and supports a portfolio of premium air care solutions.

For use in TimeMist Metered Aerosol dispensers (TMS 1047717, TMS 1047809, TMS 1047811, and TMS 1048502 sold separately). Each canister lasts 30 days when set at 15 minute intervals. Select from several different scents.

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